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Village Hall AGM 8th December2020

You are invited to the AGM of Brilley Village Hall which is now on Tuesday 8th December at 7.30.p.m.

Come and hear how we have been working to keep the hall open and safe during the Covid pandemic and what we have achieved over the past year.

We would really like to get more people involved in the running of the hall. Please consider if you could join our small committee. Or just come along with your ides for what else we could be doing to open up the hall to the whole community, young and old.

In order to comply with government regulations and, more importantly, to keep you safe, please note:

 - Face masks MUST be worn at all times. You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival and on leaving. A one way system will be in operation. 
- On arrival you will be directed to your seat. Once seated you must not mingle with other people in the hall and should remain seated throughout (other than comfort break needs).
- In order to ensure adequate ventilation, the hall is likely to feel chillier than usual. Please come prepared.

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