Brilley with Michaelchurch

Bubble Schmeisis tickets on sale now

Saturday 22nd February 7.30.p.m.

Nick Cassenbaum presents Bubble Schmeisis

Among the steam and ritual of an authentic bath house, Nick takes you on a journey to find the place he belongs. Followed by a second half of live Klezmer music

Tickets £10 in advance Tel: 01544 327227

‘Effortlessly charming and infectiously funny, Bubble Schemisis is everything you’d want from a show’

In Bubble Schmeisis Nick and his accompanying klezmer musicians invite you to join them as they conjure the enveloping warmth of this last remaining authentic steam bath house in East London. Amongst the steam and ritual Nick will take you with him as he embarks on a journey schlepping through memories of the milestones in his life when he questioned but also celebrated aspects of his heritage to find the place where he belongs. It’s about Nick finding his identity and wanting to keep the spirit of the steam baths alive, giving an up-close insight into a community that is fading and a folk history of a once vibrant culture. A hit with critics and audiences at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival,Bubble Schmeisis is full of intimate and personal true stories about identity, home and getting washed by old men. The show will strike a chord with anyone who looks to investigate their past to understand their present.


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