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Parish Plan; Action Plan status


14) Inform residents near St Mary's Church of forthcoming special services (Parochial Church Council)


The Parochial Church Council has agreed to do this.

13) Consider applications to use the space to the north of St Mary's Church (Parochial Church Council)


The Parochial Church Council has agreed to do this.


12) Investigate establishing a "Permissive Path" between Brilley School and St Mary's Church (Brilley School)


Such a path would need the agreement of the landowners concerned, which is not forthcoming currently.

11) Herefordshire Council to inform the Parish Cou cil of any mobile mast applications (Brilley Parish Council).


Parish Council asked Herefordshire Council to inform it of any mobile mast applications.

10) Environmental Group to develop proposals based on the responses to the questionnaire (Ruth Morgan and Brian Richardson with others).


Environment Group formed by the enthusiasm and commitment of Ruth Morgan and Brian Richardson.

Click on Environment Group for the latest information.

9) Monitor the effectiveness of the Lengthsman Scheme (Brilley Parish Council)


The drastice reduction in the grant from Herefordshire Council means only half the work is being done, but it is still worthwhile.

The Parish Council will keep it under review.

8) Press Herefordshire Council to impose a weight limit on the C1072 (Brilley Parish Council)


Discussing this action with Herefordshire Council.

7) Press Herefordshire Council to introduce speed limits outside the school (20 mph) and from the council houses to the school (Brilley Parish Council)


It is planned to impose an advisory speed limit of 30mph during 2007.

6) Improvements to the C1072/A438 junction to be kep under review (Brilley Parish Council)


A speed limit of 50mph was introduced and crash barriers were installed at this junction during 2005.

No comments have been received by the Parish Council since these changes and the Council keeps it under constant review.

5) Investigate establishing a Local Market in the Village Hall (Village Hall Committee)


The Village Hall Committee has now organised four successful local markets in the Village Hall and another is now planned for May 2007

4) Need coordinator(s) for Brilley Wheels (Community volunteers)


A facility is available on this website (Community Services>Wheels) to put in touch people who would like to offer lifts to those who require lifts.

A volunteer is required to get the service off the ground.

3) Establish new educational activities in the Village Hall through the local educational authorities and initiatives of parishioners (Community volunteers)


A Computer Club was organised and met once a week during 2005 but demand was low so it closed.

Volunteers are needed from the community to lead any other educational activities.

2) Endeavour to change the UDP to support the Parish Council's position and, in any case, continue to reflect this position in Brilley Parish Council's planning policy (Brilley Parish Council)


The Parish Council made five objections to the UDP and was represented at the UDP Public Inquiry. The status on the objections is:

Paragraph 5.4.72: Public Inquiry change accepted.

Policy H7: Public Inquiry change accepted.

Policy H8: change accepted prior to the Public Inquiry.

Policy H10: change rejected.

Policy HBA12: change withdrawn by Brilley Parish Council.

These changes have been incorporated into the latest draft which is due to become the new Local Plan by the spring of 2007.


1) Mindful of preserving the character of Brilley, particularly in land use and planning applications (Brilley Parish Council)


The Parish Council is asked by Herefordshire Council to review and comment on all planning applications. The Council applies this action to all planning applications.

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