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Brilley with Michaelchurch

Epitomising the beauty of the Marches

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Art of a Needlewoman exhibition
We are indebted to photographer Jane Moyle ( who has taken wonderful pictures of the Art of the Needlewoman exhibition, held in St Mary's Church, Brilley, from the 29th to the 31st of May 2010.
Conservatory at Brook Cottage
Gladestry website
A neighbouring community over the border in Wales. Michaelchurch is actually in the civil parish of Gladestry but is part of the church parish of Brilley with Michaelchurch.
Herefordshire Council
Historic Herefordshire On Line
Historic Herefordshire On Line is the website for Herefordshire Sites and Monuments Record, part of Herefordshire Archaeology. This website allows full access to the records of all the known archaeological sites in the County of Herefordshire. To learn more about Herefordshire through the ages go to 'History & Archaeology of Herefordshire' where you can access pages on Castles, Romans, Saxons, The Middle Ages, Transport, the 19th Century, Games and much, much more....
Kington Choral Society
Local to Leominster
Lots of information about Leominster and its environs.
Planning application for the demolition of Brilley School
Planning applications for Brilley
Proposed replacement dwelling at Old Chapel, Brilley
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