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The walking group was started by Sara Watts as part of the Walking for Health programme. Although no longer part of this programme it still meets weekly in Brilley to provide walks that are accessible to most people in a friendly sociable atmosphere.
Walking is a great way of staying active, meeting people and seeing the beauty of our Parishes.
The group's walk leader assesses all of the routes for hazards and potential risks and the walk terrain and length takes account of the weather and ground conditions. This information will be given to you before starting out on the walk. All  you need to do is to turn up, suitably attired for walking in the countryside and the current weather conditions. There is NO CHARGE for this walk.
We normally meet at the village hall in Brilley but occasionally, particularly in summer, may meet elsewhere. For this reason, if you are coming for the first time it is a good idea to phone Trish Gilbert on 01497 831735 to confirm details.
Look at the photographs on the photo' gallery to see some of the sights that we have shared together so far. 
Meet at Brilley Village Hall every Wednesday at 10.00am.
For more information please contact Trish Gilbert on 01497 831735


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