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Brilley Parish Council Lengthsman Scheme

Early in the new millenium, Herefordshire Council decided to delegate the minor maintenance of roads, ditches, culverts, etc to those parishes prepared to take on the work. Brilley Parish Council joined the scheme in January 2001, Peter Watts, of 'The Salt Box', Brilley being appointed as Administrator, and George Hadjigeorgiou of 'Old Bridge House', Kington being employed as Lengthsman.


The Lengthsman's duties include keeping the ditches and drainage gullies clear of detritus, removing overhanging vegetation, clearing fallen branches, cleaning road signs, picking up litter, and any other tasks that are needed. Any heavy work outside the remit of the scheme, for example renewing culverts under the road, is referred to Herefordshire Council.


Initially the funding provided was £150 per kilometre of qualifying road, which is defined as those roads, such as A class roads not under the control of the Highways Agency. Brilley has 27.6 kilometeres of such roads, and the funding provided allowed the Lengthsman to do approximately 1 day's work per week. This funding was cut to £75 per kilometre for the financial year 2005/2006 and subsequent years, although an increase is made for inflation each year. The current funding allows the Lengthsman to work approximately 2 days per month.


If any residents discover any problems that might be handled by the Lengthsman, they should contact Peter Watts on 01497 831424, or email


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