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Brilley School Charity; Home

Brilley School Charity

The Managing Trustees of the Brilley School Charity are responsible on behalf of the Diocesan Board of Finance for the land and buildings that comprise the Brilley School Site.


The whole site on which the former Brilley School and the Village Hall stands, currently is made up of three parts and each part currently has separate owners: the playing field is owned by Herefordshire Council; the Village Hall and the land immediately in front of it is owned by the Village Hall Charity (of which the Village Hall Committee are Trustees) and the Brilley School Site (the school and parking area) by the Brilley School Charity.


The Brilley School Charity has agreed that its Mission is “to implement a use of the Brilley School Site that is acceptable to the Brilley with Michaelchurch community, including the Parish Council, Parochial Church Council, Village Hall Committee and Village Green Committee and meets the requirements of the Hereford Diocesan Board of Finance”.


Brilley School Charity will make its operations as transparent as possible. All public information about its operations will be published on this website. A summary of it will be published in Offa Tree News.


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