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Brilley with Michaelchurch

Epitomising the beauty of the Marches


Lots of information about our community

The website now has an up to date Resources Catalogue of most of the people in our community; General Information on about 30 topics from the Cats’ Chorus through Libraries to the Young Farmers; several topical pictures in the Photo Album; the latest News; forthcoming Events; a Notice Board where anyone can post a message or send a reply; and some useful documents, including one about Broadband and an excellent paper called ‘About Brilley’.


A Section of this website for your own association

If you are involved in a community activity, you can have your own Section on this website. You can include information about your community activity and publish your own news, photos, events and documents. Several Sections already exist on the website, including the Parish Council and the Village Hall.


Your own free Traders' web page to advertise your business

You can have your own web page to advertise your business, free if you are a member of our community or for a small fee if you are not. The Traders’ facility and your web page are available on the World Wide Web. Click on ‘Traders>Apply for a listing’ for more information.


More information for community members who register

Some of the information on this website is for the Brilley and Michaelchurch community only.

If you are a member of this community, register now by going to Community Services>Register


More information

If you have any questions or comments, or require further information please contact Roger Withnell on


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