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Can you help John Whealey - grandfather Wilton lived in Brilley - trace his ancestors?

I'm researching my ancestors' lives. the Wiltons who came from Brilley and almost certainly attended the school and church, where for the latter, there is a record of baptisms going back well in to the 18thc.

I'm particularly interested in Algernon Bertrand Wilton, my Grandfather, who, although not born in Brilley, stayed with relatives at Well Cottage Whitney in 1868 and may have attended school while he was there. His father was Thomas Bertrand Wilton. I wondered whether any school records exist for this period?

I expect that you receive many similar requests for information but any help that you can give would be much appreciated. I visited Brilley 25 yrs ago and wandered around the Churchyard and well remember what a beautiful place it was.

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Many thanks

John Whealey

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