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Local Environment Organisations & Initiatives


The following section contains details of organisations and initiatives local to Brilley and Borders therefore covering environment activities in both Herefordshire and the bordering counties of Wales.

This is a first version – dated 1/7/2017 . A few minor updates have been made September 2017.

Organisations are listed in alphabetical order.

Black Mountains Local Group –Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

This relatively new HWT local group has organised an interesting set of event s this summer , more to follow this autumn. All events for this group will be listed on the Brilley Calender.

The group is also running a project to ensure the protection of highway verges of botanical interest.  This has just started. If anyone has an interest in this, or a keen botanist who might help, please contact


Brecknock Wildlife Trust

Brecknock Wildlife Trust began its life in 1964 as The Brecknock County Naturalists' Trust with the aim of protecting wildlife for the future. In 2014 they celebrated their 50th anniversary with nearly 1000 members and 18 Nature Reserves.

Take a look at their website to find out more about the reserves and programme of activities


Brecon and Radnor Beekeeping Association

Mission Statement : To impart Inspiration, Enjoyment, and thereby Learning  about Bee Craft.

The B&RBKA exists to serve beekeepers in the South of Powys area. They hold events through the year and training courses particularly for beginners but also for improvers.

They have three association apiaries. The Wern, their teaching apairy on the outskirts of Brecon. Cefn Dyrys, their apiary above the RWAS showground. Ty Mawr (new site) their winter apiary at Llangasty.

More information on their excellent website.


Brightspace Foundation (Former Bulmer Foundation)

The overarching aim of the Bulmer Foundation is to promote sustainable development and sustainable practices in Herefordshire and beyond. They are currently going through a process of re-branding which involves a change of name to Brightspace Foundation. Background to their work and achievements can be found on their current website. The new website is scheduled to be ready by end of June 2017.


British Hedgehog Preservation Society

Based in Ludlow.

Website contains useful advice for farmers and gardeners and provides information on what to do if you find an injured hedgehog.


Hay on Wye community garden

"In April 2010 a small group of like-minded folk, with a desire to increase localised food production, clubbed together to rent half an acre of land at Racquety Farm.  Just over the River Wye, only a 5 minute walk from Hay town centre, the garden is a beautiful and productive social space rich in biodiversity."


Hay Community Woodland Group.

Volunteer group set up to manage the woodland environment of Hay-on-Wye to benefit both residents & visitors.

The group have a Facebook page.

Contact for more information


Hay on Wye Local Greenpeace group

Meets monthly, first Thursday of the month in the Globe Hay on Wye. Organises local actions in support of Greenpeace current priorities.

Contact Peter Barker for more information.


Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team

Herefordshire Amphibian and Reptile Team (HART) is dedicated to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Herefordshire. They aim to encourage people to learn about, protect and conserve these animals and their habitats. Their activities include recording the distribution and population size of amphibians and reptiles throughout Herefordshire, conservation work such as pond restoration, workshops and training days, talks and visits, providing advice on pond and habitat conservation and identifying threats to local habitats.

More information on website including forms to record sightings and become involved.


Herefordshire CPRE – Campaign to protect Rural England

CPRE Herefordshire campaigns for a sustainable future for the county of Herefordshire.


Herefordshire Mammal Group

Herefordshire Mammal Group (Previously known as Herefordshire Action for Mammals - HAM) is dedicated to the conservation of mammals in Herefordshire.  They aim to teach people about mammals and to encourage them to learn more about them by taking action themselves. 

Their activities include recording the distribution and population size of mammals throughout Herefordshire, conservation work, workshops and training days, talks and visits, providing advice on species and habitat conservation and identifying threats to local habitats. They also provide opportunities for students to expand their practical experience in working with mammals.


Herefordshire Meadows

Herefordshire Meadows is an informal network of meadow owners managing and conserving flower rich grassland.

Founded in 2015 to arrange informal visits to grassland in Herefordshire, over thirty Herefordshire Meadows members are now supported by Natural England as a Facilitation Fund Group. They work collaboratively across the whole of the Herefordshire landscape holding events and discussions on how to manage, create and restore meadows to benefit wildlife, soil and water quality, historic features, natural flood management and livestock farming businesses.

They are building up a network of local people with skills in plant identification, management advice and contracting services for grassland management.

They have an active programme of events and activities – take a look on their website


Herefordshire Ornithological Club

The Club came into being on 22nd April 1950. Until 1988 the geographical area of the Club comprised Herefordshire and Radnorshire.  From those early beginnings the Club has grown to more than 400 members, who have a particular interest in birds, but also in other wildlife and conservation.Information on Club activities, including field and indoor meetings is accessible through the website and via the quarterly Newsletter


Hereford Owl Rescue

For the rescue, welfare and protection of any owl. Rescue service for captive bred Owls from anywhere in the UK and for wild and distressed Owls within our region.

See website for contact details and more information


Herefordshire Tree Warden Network

All about caring for trees and becoming a tree warden.

More information on website :


Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

“Our vision is for a Herefordshire that is richer and more diverse in wildlife and that is valued, and cared for, by its people to the benefit of all.”

More information on current projects, events and activities on website


Kington Local group  – Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

The Kington local branch of Herefordshire Wildlife Trusts has an active  programme of events throughout the year ; during the summer outdoor events, during the winter indoor events.

All events for this group will be listed on the Brilley Calender.

Contact Sarah Cadwallader for more information


KLEEN – Kington Local Energy and Environment Network

This local network is a true inspiration !

Its overall aim is to respond to climate change and “peak oil” by treating it as an opportunity to develop a more enjoyable, creative, sociable and sustainable community. The network consists of several active working groups. Note the regular Kleen Repair Cafe as part of the Art and Crafts fair in Kington every third Saturday of the month and the Kington Locally stall (surplus produce from local people) at the weekly Friday market in Kington. 

For more information and contact details - please see website


Marcher Apple Network

Marcher Apple Network - MAN for short - was founded in December 1993 when a group of eight apple and pear enthusiasts first met with the idea of forming a society for reviving old varieties of apples and pears. MAN now is involved in many different activities from managing its own orchards, which preserve old varieties, helping members and the public with orcharding matters and attending many agricultural shows during the autumn where the identification service proves very popular.

More information on their website which includes a list of events.


Powys transition and Low Carbon Community Network

Powys Transition and Low Carbon Community Network (PTLCC) is an organisation which connects and supports PowysTransition Initiatives and other groups working towards a low carbon future.  They provide training to member groups, organise conferences, and provide a point of contact for diverse groups working to build a community based sustainable future.

More information and links to other groups on website :


Radnorshire Wildlife Trust

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust is one of 47 Wildlife Trusts across the UK and one of 6 Welsh Wildlife Trusts. RWT started its life in 1962 alongside Herefordshire to become its own Trust in 1987. 

To find out more about their very busy 2017 summer programme of events please visit their excellent website.


Size of Herefordshire

The Size of Herefordshire is a local initiative that is campaigning to raise enough money to protect tropical rainforest the size of Herefordshire. The funds raised go entirely to 2 projects run by experienced charities  Cool Earth and the ForestPeoplesProgramme.  Both projects are in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and involve working closely with two groups of indigenous people there - the Awajun with Cool Earth and the Wampis with the Forest Peoples Programme.

Please visit their website for more information.


Spring Greens Fair

Spring Greens Fair is a family-friendly sustainability event for mutual education, training and the demonstration of innovative skills and ideas. Held every Early May Bank Holiday it aims to showcase inspiring, enjoyable and healthy solutions to the difficult social, environmental and economic issues which confront us regionally, nationally and globally; whilst being a fantastic day-out. It has been held since 2008 in North Herefordshire. Take a look at their website to find out more.


The Cart Shed 

At the Cart Shed, we believe that being involved with nature has benefits for everyone.

"It is about enjoying being outdoors; making a fire and sitting quietly by it, chatting with other participants, enjoying the sounds of the birds, the wind, the smells of the blue bells in spring, the wet leaves in autumn, cutting hazel and making beautiful things.

Learning new skills at any age gives each of us a sense of achievement. Being more in our bodies and less in our heads has a balancing effect – creating pieces of artwork, contemplating beautiful landscapes, the smell, sound and touch of our natural surroundings… all help us to find our ‘other self’ the self which is often lost in a world of computers, i-phones and the pressures of modern living."


The Green Valleys

The Green Valleys Community Interest Company was set up by community members in and around the Brecon Beacons National Park in 2009. They inspire and support communities to work together to reduce carbon emissions, generate income and deliver social and environmental benefits across the Brecon Beacons, south Wales and the borders.


Three Counties Apple Orchard Project

Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire (the Three Counties) have long been famous for their orchards. Traditional orchards, with their tall trees standing in pasture, are a much loved part of our three counties landscape. Today though the picture is somewhat different; many orchards have disappeared and most of those which remain are under used or unmanaged. Over 80% of our traditional orchards have vanished locally as farming practices have changed and land developed. Local fruit varieties have been lost too, as have our skills in looking after them.

Orchards need people to keep them healthy and productive and that’s where the Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project (TCTOP) can help.

Working with local experts they are training volunteers in practical orchard skills and helping them to improve local orchards for wildlife and discover the role they have played over the centuries.

If you have a traditional apple or pear orchard (more than 5 standard trees and trees being aged 40 years +) and would like advice on restoration and/or re-planting then please contact your local TCTOP Champion:  Gareth Pugh:  Tel 01497 831458 or e-mail

More information on TCTOP on their website:




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