Brilley with Michaelchurch

Forthcoming forestry work at Brilley Green Dingle nature reserve


Over the next 3 weeks, starting next week Wednesday, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust will be carrying out habitat improvements at Brilley Green Dingle nature reserve. The work will involve coppicing along top path at the eastern (Millhalf) end of the reserve. The coppicing will create a more wildlife-friendly woodland edge, improve the structure of the woodland and increase the light reaching a boundary hedge, which will be laid using traditional techniques after Christmas.

At various times there will be a need to close the concessionary paths on the reserve at the eastern end, for safety reasons while work is ongoing. All closures will be signposted at both entrances, and the public right-of-way which crosses the Millhalf Brook at the eastern end of the reserve will not be affected.


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