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Brilley And Borders Environment

Brilley And Borders Environment (BABE) aims to build an informal network of people with a shared interest in the environment. Through the network it wants to support existing local eco organisations and actions and hopes to engage local residents in some new BABE specific activities.

This initiative was started with a "Green Day" event at Brilley Village Hall on 19th March 2017. This was followed up with the creation of the environment section of the new Brilley website which went live on 1st of June. 

The environment section now holds a (long) page with information and contact details for all local(Both sides of the Border) environment groups and initiatives. The Brilley calendar is populated with upcoming local environment events and activities for groups that do not have their own website. Information about the summer programme of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust local groups of Kington and the Black Mountains can be found there. Take a look !

We are also very pleased to have enabled, very recently, the formation of Friends of Brilley Green Dingle, a group of volunteers who, in partnership with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, will help to manage and monitor the reserve. Click here to find details about the Brilley Green Dingle and more information on Friends' activities and wildlife. 

More BABE activities are planned. To stay in touch, please subscribe to the email alerts on the Brilley website so you can receive news items from Brillley.

If you are interested in helping the BABE initiative forward or for more information contact Els on 01497 831743 or email

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HCPRE Autumn Conference 13th October 2017

Herefordshire Campaign to Protect Rural England (HCPRE) are holding an Autumn Conference day from 11AM on Friday 13th October.Free lunch and interesting speakers that will bring all sorts of different environmental perspectives together and is focussed on agriculture! Booking for this FREE conference is essential as there are only 100 places. Please take a look HERE for more details. 

HCPRE have also published their annual report which gives an update on their activities including Wildplay, Hedgerows, Fracking and much more. Click HERE to see their report . 

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The Welsh Beaver Project - Next Tuesday 7.30 Kington Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

Don't miss the first of the monthly meetings organised by the Kington Branch of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust !

The Welsh Beaver Project 


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We announced it early at the Brilley fete , now the competition is open !!!

We invite you all ,young, old and in between, to really get out there and explore the local woods and trees in the Brilley and Borders environment. Capture the magic and share it with us all !

This is a FREE ENTRY - OPEN TO ALL photo competition running from 1 Aug 2017 to 21st November 2017.

We have some great eco prizes ....more on that later 

Please click here to see full details of  the competition categories and terms and conditions.


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We had our first meeting on Friday 14th July and achieved a great deal in terms of making the Reserve more accessible to all. The top path has been cleared, fences and gates fixed and some of the boardwalks secured.  So, if you have never visited Brilley Green Dingle before now is a good time to do so !

Our next 'working' meeting will be Tuesday 1st of August, our first 'monitoring' meeting will be Friday 25th of August.

If you are interested in joining this volunteers group please contact  

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Finally, it is here ! Your definite up to date guide to local eco organisations and initiatives !


The new page contains brief summaries and links to organisations' websites. These in turn will give you up to date information about the numerous events and activities that are organised for you all to enjoy throughout the year.


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Join Friends of Brilley Green Dingle !



In case you missed this announcement last week at the Brilley fete.

Brilley And Borders Environment have organised in partnership with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust the set-up of a new group of volunteers to

  1. Help with the practical management and care for the Brilley Green Dingle AND
  2. Become involved with monitoring and getting to know the wildlife, aquatic life in Millhalf Brook, evolution of plants and trees in the Dingle


This is a unique opportunity for anyone who uses and loves the Dingle already to help it to flourish and for anyone who has not ventured there to get to know it from the inside out !

We hope to have volunteer sessions both practical and monitoring This Month. So if you are interested and not on the contact list yet please email or phone 01497 831743. There will be a 1 page form to fill in for each volunteer to be properly insured and a few pages with more information on what volunteering means. This information will be sent out to you on contact. 



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