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Accounts and annual returns

Annual returns are prepared every year from the accounts maintained for the financial year. An internal audit is undertaken of the processes used to ensure accuracy and good management. The annual return is then sent to the external auditor. There is a period of Electors Rights to Inspect the Accounts, which is advertised on the parish notice boards and the website. Once the external audit is completed, the annual return and audit report are displayed as before.

The 2016-17 annual return is currently being prepared and will be made available when completed and adopted by the parish council.

Annual Return 2015-16

Annual Return 2014-15

Annual Return 2013-14



The parish council must have up-to-date policies and procedures to undertake its work - Standing Orders, Asset Register, Financial Regulations,  Financial Risk Assessment, Electronic Banking Policy, Code of Conduct and Complaints Procedure, Freedom of Information Policy and  Publication schedule. As the council employs the Parish Clerk to be the Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer for the council and employs contractors for other work within the parish, it must have suitable employment policies as well. The latest adopted polices and documents are shown below.

Standing Orders May 2016   Asset Register May 2016    Financial Regulations June 2016    Financial Risk Assessment May 2016

Electronic Banking Policy May 216    Code of Conduct May 2016    Complaints Procedure March 2016   

Freedom of Information Policy May 2016    Publication schedule May 2016

Disciplinary & Grievance Policy May 2016    Equal Opportunities Policy May 2016    Health & Safety May 2016    Sickness & Absence May 2016


Archive Minutes

Archive minutes are shown below, with the relevant Clerks Information Sheet if one was prepared.


13 January Clerks Information Sheet 15 January    10 February    10 March Clerks Information Sheet 10 March   

19 May Annual Parish Meeting     19 May Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Clerks Information Sheet 19 May

23 June     14 July Clerks Information Sheet 14 July    13 August

24 September Clerks Information Sheet 24 September     10 November Clerks Information Sheet 10 November


14 January    18 March Clerks Information Sheet 18 March    20 May Annual Parish Meeting

20 May Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Clerks Information Sheet 20 May     17 June Extra Parish Meeting

8 July Clerk Information Sheet 8 July     4 August     9 September Clerks Information Sheet 9 September

3 October     11 November Clerks Information Sheet 11 November    5 December     16 December


16 May Annual Parish Meeting     16 May Annual Meeting of the Parish Council     9 July

9 September      12 November


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